PGA of America Partners with Aivot Golf & Sports Management Private Limited to Expand Golf in India

July 25, 2023



FRISCO, Texas (July 25, 2023) – The PGA of America announced today a new partnership with Aivot Golf & Sports Management Private Limited, a new entity focused on land acquisition, recreational sports management, and the creation of hotel and residential developments across India.

This strategic collaboration between the PGA of America and Aivot aims to elevate golf in India through the creation of world-class golf courses, golf academies, and state-of-the-art hotel and residential amenities. The partnership underscores the PGA of America's commitment to nurturing golfers at all levels and propelling the sport's expansion globally.

Under the partnership, PGA of America and Aivot will work to make a meaningful impact on the Indian golfing community. This collaborative effort will focus on developing new and existing golf infrastructure, providing unparalleled opportunities for aspiring golfers and promoting the sport's accessibility and inclusivity.

Initial developments are scheduled with multiple PGA of America-branded golf facilities located throughout India. These facilities will provide a mix of golf courses, academies and training centers, offering golfers the chance to enhance their skills and learn from top-tier PGA Professionals.

Comprehensive programming designed by the PGA of America and Aivot will cater to golfers of all ages, while offering progressive learning programs for all skill levels. As part of the partnership, local Indian golf professionals working within the PGA of America Golf Academies network will have the opportunity to embark on a rewarding journey towards PGA of America Class A Membership, enriching their careers in the process.

By combining the expertise of the PGA's network of highly skilled PGA Professionals with Aivot's influence in the region, the PGA of America Golf Academies will deliver unparalleled coaching and training experiences. These initiatives will foster a supportive environment where golfers can realize their full potential, while cultivating a lifelong passion for the game.

"We’re thrilled to join forces with Aivot as they share in our mission to support the rapidly growing golf community in India through the world-class expertise of PGA of America Professionals," said PGA of America Chief Administrative & Innovation Officer Arjun Chowdri. "The PGA of America Golf Academies will serve as incubators for talent, empowering golfers to go out and experience the game on the many golf courses Aivot will deliver as part of this long-term project."

"We are excited to partner with the PGA of America, an organization renowned for its dedication to golfer development and expanding access to the sport," said Aivot Golf & Sports Management Private Limited CEO Alok Tiwari. "Together, we will leverage our expertise to revolutionize golfer training — utilizing advanced technologies and development methodologies to empower individuals to excel on and off the course. This partnership will provide a hub for innovation and excellence in golfer development for India. Through collaborative endeavors with strategic partners, we look forward to an inspiring future."

The partnership between the PGA of America and Aivot Golf & Sports Management Private Limited is poised to make a significant impact on golfing infrastructure and development throughout India. As the partnership progresses, multiple PGA of America Golf Academies will be established across the country, providing golfers unprecedented access to world-class training facilities and expert instruction.

When available, employment opportunities at these facilities will be posted on

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